Consult to call wiser and informed decisions.

Consulting Practice Overview

If you are new to the business world or are facing new challenges despite your time in the market, a veteran’s consultation can make all the difference for you. ‘Going Solo’ hosts’ experts with vast experience in the business world at the global stage.

We host personnel adept with SAP, Business Intelligence, IA and practically every business aspect that need to be taken care of. Our professional assesses, strategize, and execute from you and take you out of the muddle.

Consulting Capabilities

Making an entrepreneur

If you beginning you walk in the business world, consultation from the experts can be an elixir for you.

Cutting out loses

Right call at the right time can cut out financial /business loss

Sustainable growth

Sustsainal4e growth with elaborate growth strategy and plan.

Decision making

Our consultation services can make you capable of calling wiser and informed decisions.

Team management

Managing your team and staff can be a difficult task. Expert co9nsultation can help.

Boosting revenue

Enhance productivity and boost revenue by taking care of every loophole.

Consulting Services

SAP consultation

Understand SAP and its implications from veterans in the field.

Payroll Management

Insights about managing, finances, payroll and more.

BI Consultation

Going Solo lays out, the scope, and perks of BI for your business

Intelligent Automation

Know the expenses, the time required and productivity enhancement that IA can lend you.

Building a business

Business marketing, selling products/services, growth strategy and a lot more!

Team Management

Intercompany communication, hierarchy maintenance, and information and data flow.

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