Everybody Wins

In an increasingly complex business landscape, talent makes all the difference.
There is no management magic…
…No organizational “DNA”…
…Or proprietary organizational intellectual property that makes great projects and initiatives happen.

Great people make great projects happen.

Going Solo specializes in placing the top 20% of talent that consistently delivers 80% of the value on projects and initiatives. The best of the best.

We share risk with our clients and ensure that the rewards for successful delivery land in the pockets of the solopreneurs who deliver on their commitments. As it should be.

   Everybody Wins!

Going Solo Practices

SAP Consulting

Our SAP practice consists of tier one functional and technical consultants with experience across the SAP ecosystem. From consulting to implementations and services, our team can support you across the SAP lifecycle.

Intelligent Automation

Eliminate manual effort, increase compliance, improve security, and optimize efficiency with intelligent automation. We help customers automate their business processes, discover new automation ideas, and maximize ROI.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy, like business strategy, is about making wise investment choices to maximize competitive advantage, growth, profit, and value. We work with executives to understand how digital can support their business needs and formulate an execution plan to bring their strategy to life.

Business Intelligence and Data Science

Data is the new oil – refinement makes it valuable. Our team of data specialists assists customers in data warehouse management, reporting and dashboards, advanced analytics and data science to maximise the value of their data.


Our finance specialists have expertise across the finance domain. Whether you’re looking to optimize your finance function, bolster a project or support an audit we can assist with the right resources for the job.

Our Method

The more complex the project and the more complicated the subject area, the lower the likelihood of program success and the higher the risk of time and budget overruns or total project failure.

Talent eats complexity for breakfast.

By sourcing and staffing client projects and initiatives with top quintile (top 20%) talent whose incentives are aligned with those of the customer, we significantly reduce both the risks associated with project delivery as well as the cost of delivery.

Going Solo- Principles of Work




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