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Who We Are

Going Solo is a managed outcomes company that specializes in matching the best talent for complex delivery requirements in the IT and finance domain. With decades of experience across multiple IT and finance disciplines, we assist customers across all industries meet their delivery objectives.

Going Solo Story

Having sat in CFO, CIO, and other C-suite roles ourselves, we understand the frustration when projects and initiatives run late, over budget and fail to deliver the promised ROI. Unfortunately, for most organizations, this happens more than half of the time. We also understand the frustration top tier resources feel with traditional employment and engagement models that do not recognise the disproportionate contribution they make in the workplace.

Going Solo was borne out of this frustration and seeks to provide a better engagement model for customers and solopreneurs alike. We’re not a traditional resourcing company that provides the resources with none of the delivery risks, nor are we a traditional consultancy that promises to mitigate the risk through balance sheet and delivery methodology but whose margins often run at multiples of 2-3 times the cost of the underlying resources.

We align the objectives of our customers with those of our solopreneurs and share in the risk and rewards related to project success. This means better success rates and lower costs for customers and higher incomes and more freedom for our solopreneurs.

Everybody wins!

Our Team

Our leadership team consists of executives who have represented large corporates at C-suite level and specialist consultants who have delivered global projects for some of the largest companies in the world. Our collective experience across IT, consulting, finance and operations enhances our ability to understand our customers challenges, design effective solutions and deliver results. Going solo focusses in building practices around the best talent in complex domains. We partner with specialists who have years of demonstrated experience in their respective fields and large networks from which they can access resources. All our resources have a stake in the client delivery model and are vested in customer success. We have focused on those domains where talent makes the largest difference and are constantly working to expand this network and add additional areas of expertise to our portfolio.

Our Values 

Our values aren’t fancy words on a wall at our offices, or a strapline on our website, the are core to our engagements and everything we do. You’ll see our values at work every day in the following ways.

Excellence – We recruit and retain only the best talent. Solopreneurs cannot apply to be a part of the Going Solo practice, they can only be referred in and are only accepted following a rigorous vetting process. You’ll never see us advertising your roles for everyone to apply.

Reliability – We’re only as good as our last successful project milestone. We sign stage-based engagements with our customers and only proceed to the next phase on successful delivery of the current milestone.

Transparency –The rewards for their effort lands in the hands of our solopreneurs. We charge a fixed and transparent margin on our engagements.

Skin in the game – We believe in sharing risk and reward in all our engagements. Our contracts with our customers and solopreneurs all include performance based incentives and penalties. We only win when everyone wins.

Why Choose Us

Customized services

A bespoke approach to every single project

Long term relations

We work to build long term client relations, and that happens with quality services.

Global-Scale Network

Our vast global network gives us unmatched resources and personnel.

Practicable solutions

We bring you tested and trusted real-world business solutions.


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